How can I achieve very natural sagging breasts? (photos)

I want implants that have slight sagging to them like real breasts. My favorite results are from women who had slightly sagging breasts before. They have a lot of lower fullness. It seems I want moderate profile implants. I know profile is determined by overall size and chest wall. A surgeon suggested high or moderate plus. That works against my goals, right? I'm 5' 2", 120 pounds, c cup. I want to be in the d region. I want breasts implants with a slow slope, round, bottom fullness. Thank you.

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How Can I Achieve Very Natural "Sagging" Breasts

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Two ways.  First if you have some natural glandular ptosis (sagging) with breast tissue below the infra-mammary fold, you have to use an implant that allows the upper pole to slope enough so that the natural upper pole slope is maintained, and the implant cannot be too big.  Second, if your breast sits above the fold already, with minimal or no ptosis, you have to choose an implant that allows the upper pole to have a natural slope and is not too big.  Same solution, but in the first case, it is going to be an augmentation of a naturally sagging breast, and in the second case, there will be no sagging, but excessive upper pole roundness will have to be avoided by limiting implant size.The problem will come in fitting these criteria in with your desire to be a D cup which may require an implant large enough (depending on your skin envelope, nipple to fold distance) to conflict with your desire to avoid excess upper pole fullness.  The implants that are consistent with your desires are a moderate or low profile implant of the appropriate size. A high profile implant would definitely work against achieving this as it tends to give a step off transition from the chest wall to the upper breast. While low profile implants are not often used because they tend to be more wrinkly, even though they are gel, this might be a situation in which they would be useful.

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Natural breast augmentation

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Hi mattdamon,You're describing a natural appearance to the breast which includes a natural slope to the upper pole without excessive fullness in the upper pole but full volume in the lower pole of the breast which will give the appearance of a natural appearing breast.  Please note that round upper poles do not occur in nature and are only the production of plastic surgeons.  I think it would be reasonable to provide the kind of look that you desire.  It also explained this clearly to your plastic surgeon and also to provide photographs that you think are the type of golden hue can achieve.  A good surgeon will be able to tell you quickly if those goals are realistic.  Good luck.

Alfonso Oliva, MD, FACS
Spokane Plastic Surgeon
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Your desired size

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will determine what profile implant would be best for you.  You really can't have a large size and have a natural slope on your frame so you have to pick what is more important to you.  An exam would help determine exactly what could work for you and then you would have to choose what is more important to you... size or slope.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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I tell my patients, what you give me is what you get only bigger. if you are truly flat chested, then you will not get the results that you desire. I would use the classic profile to give you the look that you desire

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

How can I achieve very natural sagging breasts

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For your desires of a full, round, bottom fullness and slow slope I would use a regular projection implant. The higher the projection the greater the fullness of the upper pole and loss of the slope you desire

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Natural proportional breast augmentation

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Consider smooth silicone breast implants for a natural look and bounce. The profile should be determined by your breast diameter, your goals, and proportions. See a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon Good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon
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How can I achieve very natural sagging breasts?

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As you have noted, the end result is a reflection of your starting anatomy. Since we don't know what your anatomic shape is, it is not possible to make recommendations for you. However, moderate or moderate plus implants, not oversized, placed with a dual plane technique is what we usually prefer to get the look you describe assuming the patient's anatomy is appropriate. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Low profile silicone

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It is important to use a lower profile silicone implant under the muscle if possible. Seek plastic surgeons in your region

Stuart A. Linder, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Looking for a natural result

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it isn't possible to give you any advice without the opportunity to examine you or see photos of you. Your best option is to schedule consultation(s) with board-certified plastic surgeons. 
I wish you well.
Dr. Edwards 

Natural Breast Augmentation

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Essentially, you are looking for natural results. Without examining you I would suggest a smaller, shaped breast implant...silicone, of course. I have done a lot of breast augmentations on models here in NYC and they tend to pick very small implants and they look great. Also, pick a board certified plastic surgeon with about 10 years experience if possible. Hope this was helpful. Good luck

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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