Was Msra Infected Breast Implant Salvage Successful?

Update on Mrsa infected implant. 3 weeks after breast agumentation, My doctor took out the implant, soaked in antibiotics and implant was put back in. Took cipro & Bactrim antibiotics. Put drain in that was flushed out every other day with antibiotics (5 times). Used mupirocin ointment on breast. Then Waited 2 weeks took drain out. Waited another week to stop antibiotics. 2 weeks later still no sign of infection. Could we have beat the infection without taking implant out for 3 months?

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If you had true MRSA ,the answer is no

Your surgeon has done heroic job to save your implants. Did you have tissue cultures indicating MRSA? The most common outcome with this situation is recurrent infection months later or capsular contracture due to biofilm that is impossible to clean after implant infection. You may be the lucky one and hope that you will do fine. Follow your surgeons instructions.

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MRSA Infection after Breast Augmentation?

 Congratulations on your success thus far!  As you know, it may be too early to “count the chickens”,  but  every week that goes by without complication is very positive.  Given your history, you are likely also at greater risk for breast implant encapsulation;  ask your surgeon if he/she believes in the use of medication and/or massage to help prevent this postoperative complication.

 Best wishes for continued success.

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Infection and implants

If you had a MRSA infection, then you still are not out of the woods.  Time will tell if the infection has cleared.  Good luck.

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Was Msra Infected Breast Implant Salvage Successful?

Time will tell. You have only been off the antibiotics for two weeks. Sorry for what you have gone through, hoping that your perseverance  has been rewarded. 

Plan to pour the champagne at three months! Best wishes.

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Beating MRSA

Good afternoon!

Sorry to hear of your ordeal!  Infections like this after BAM are highly unusual and I am sorry it happened to you. At two weeks without any problem- it sounds like you are doing pretty well, but I think another couple of months will truly tell the tale.  Good luck to you and please let us know how things go on this site, would love to hear from you.


I hope this helps

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