Could MRSA Sores Be Related to Non-absorbable Sutures from TT?

Hi, I had a breast red. & TT 4 yrs ago, then surgery for an internal abscess from the TT. 2 yrs later - ab lump surgically removed, that turned out to be what the dr desc as "a long black string of pearls" - remaining TT sutures. Now, 2 yrs. later, my body has open, oozing sores, small black "fibers" in centers, chronic hives. Can suture material travel or pass through body tissue? Also, deep burning & itching inside body - upper chest and back. Something from TT or reduction? mrsa THANKS!

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Infected permanent stitches after tummy tuck need to be removed.

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You need to see your original plastic surgeon or another one.  All of the sutures used in your tummy tuck need to be removed with a formal operation.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Draining wounds 4years after TT

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Permanent sutures have some advantages over dissolving ones, and are preferred by many surgeons. Your case, unfortunately, illustrates the down side. Once these permanent sutures are contaminated/infected, as seemingly occurred with you as described in your question, it is sometimes impossible to eradicate the infection unless the suture material is removed. 

I assume these open draining areas are along the abdomen, but that is not clear. The suture material should not be able to travel in the body, but once a suture is infected, the tract to the skin may take circuitous routes. 

To treat this problem, the original incisions must be reopened, and all the suture material removed. Only dissolving sutures should be used where they cannot be removed. 

You will probably due well to have a course of antibiotics chosen based on the bacteria that are growing from your wounds. If you were my patient I would send you to an infectious disease expert to help plan the regimen.


Thanks for the question, best wishes.


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Yes, permanent suture with or without a pseudobursa can result in open wounds

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If permanent sutures, especially braided sutures such as ethibond, become contaminated or infected they may be a source of inflammation or wounds.  It sounds like your second surgery was performed to remove scar tissue and permanent sutures.  If some of the pseudobursa scar tissue was left behind with or without some permanent sutures also being left behind they may be the source of your continuing symtoms.  When this occurs I recommend the complete removal of all foreing bodies such as permanent sutures as well as the removal of all of the pseudobursa.  Along with this I recommend the use of drains as well as the diligent use of a compression garment.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Persistent infection can be related to permanent sutures

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Permanent suture material, or mesh used in abdominal repairs can cause persistent infection if the material becomes contaminated. When the tissue is cleaned up surgically the material is usually completely removed. Problems such as these are complicated so stick with your surgeon to see you through.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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