MRI Studies on Fat Grafting?

Hi, I had fat grafting done about 4 years ago and there is no question that whats underneath my skin is no longer fat but some other hard substance (fat necrosis? scar tissue?). I'd like to participate in MRI studies on fat grafting to see what exactly is in there...I know there have been studies on fat grafting patients that have been done on this in the past. Does any doctor know of any such studies recruiting patients for this? I would most like to get involved in this as I'm curious as to...

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Iat consistency changes to be more like the recipient area

In answer to your question I have done fat grafting for over 30 years...Fat seems to become like the tissue in that area. Fat injected in the nose after1 year feels like nose not fat...The same for the cheeks and chin.I have done biopsies of the fat to prove it is still there as fat and hasnt transmuted to cartilage. An mri study would be interesting

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