MRI or CT Scan for Lipoma on my Forehead

I have what looks like a lipoma on my forehead and I would like to remove it. I'm planning to do so back in my home country. I contacted a random doctor in my country and was told that if I bring in any recent MRI or CT scan or any test results, it would be helpful to them. Which is more appropriate in general in this case, MRI or CT scan? Do I need to consult a doc here in the States even tho I just want MRI/CT?

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Is imaging study needed to evaluate possible lipoma on forehead

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I do not routinely obtain a CT or MRI scan when considering removing a forehead mass. I find that the clinical history and physical exam findings are more relevant. A CT or MRI won't generally give me any new information that would change how I would remove the mass and I find it to be an unnecessary expense.

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