Is it normal to expel air during sex 3 months after a vaginoplasty?

Is it normal to expel air during sex after a vaginoplasty? Does this mean I'm still loose?

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Vaginal Flatus

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Thank you for your question. When performing our consultations for vaginal tightening procedures, it is quite common for patients to describe what we like to refer to as vaginal flatus.    this occurrence should disappear and not be present normally post vaginal tightening procedures.
I recommend following up with your surgeon and further discussing, perhaps adding a nonsurgical vaginal tightening procedure such as Fmeilift or ThermiVa may benefit you.

Flatus 3 months after vaginoplasty

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Dear putsumD'sonme:

I agree with Dr Goodman and Dr Pelosi..... usually a vaginoplasty will stop the vaginal air being expelled during intercourse.  So no it is not normal to expel air after vaginoplasty but is it a big problem for you ?  To answer your second question "Does this mean I am still loose"?  ---- the only person who can answer whether you are still loose is yo..........u as it is your vagina and only you know if you are still too  loose with intercourse.

JohnR Miklos MD
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

It is not normal to expel air during sex after vaginoplasty

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I would expect the opposite result after a vaginoplasty. Air expulsion is usually a symptom of vaginal laxity. You need an examination to assess the quality of your result.

Vaginal flatus after vaginoplasty

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One of the things a well-performed VP is designed to treat is vaginal flatus, or expelling air from the vagina during/after sexual intercourse. If you still have this, or especially if it is a new finding, then yes-- see your surgeon. Shouldn't happen...


Michael P Goodman MD
Davis, Ca, USA

Is it normal to expel air during sex?

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Air expulsion during sexual activity can be a symptom of vaginal laxity.  There are other things that can cause this.  Some are serious such as a fistula. This is an uncommon complication of this surgery.  Other times its related to sexual technique or just the way your body is built.  I would recommend an examination by your surgeon to make sure everything is healing well. You and your partner can tell your degree of "looseness" and the success of the surgical correction regardless of air expulsion. 

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