Does MPB result in excess hair fall or just miniaturization of the hair follicle?

I understand that MPB is the result of the progressive miniaturization of the hair follicle. However, as the hair follicle miniaturizes, does the rate of hair fall increase at the same time. Or is it simply that the hair will fall out at normal rate, but when it grows back, it is a finer version of itself?

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Hair shedding with male balding

Really great question!

During male balding the hairs miniaturze but they also spend less and less time in the growing phase (anagen) and more in the shedding phase (telogen). If you perform a biopsy of non balding scalp, about 8 - 10 % of hairs are in telogen phase (and 90% anagen). In the course of male androgenetic alopecia the proportion in telogen goes up considerably. The patient notices two things:

  1. A bit more shedding.
  2. Can't grow hair quite as long because the hair doesn't stay in the growing phase as long.

Many individuals with male balding don't really notice the increased shedding especially if the hair is washed daily. Shed hairs normally just get washes down the drain.

But absolutely - male balding (especially early male balding) is associated with a bit more shedding in the early stages.

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