Moving Under-the-muscle Implants to Top?

I had my breast augmentation operation 3 weeks ago. The implants were placed under the muscle. I also go to the gym 1 hour everyday. Is there any exercise or technique I could do from the gym to make my implants move over the muscle?

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Allow the implants to settle

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Hi, it's great that you're so motivated to work out for an hour each day, but hold off on heavy lifting for at least another week or so. Your muscle has just been stretched out by your new implants, and it needs some time to adjust and for the implants to settle down. Your implants will not migrate over the muscle. Good luck!

Unlikely for the implants to change pockets

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After three weeks I would recommend that you not do any exercises with the chest muscles. It is unlikely that the implants will move from under the muscle to above the muscle but the pocket will get stretched and expanded. When the muscle contracts the implant gets pushed into the weakest part of the pocket which is the outer aspect. No one want the implant to slide off of the chest and into a wide pocket. Give the pocket time to mature and have some strength so it is not as likely to stretch out.

Best Wishes

Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

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