What happens if you move a big thick crown that has tooth roots very far back?

What happens if you move a big thick crown that has tooth roots very far back? And also a crown that was very forward with roots forward? Does the back one come forward and start sticking out for two years until roots are moved and crown is corrected ? I am trying to figure out how this is possible what it would look like over 2 years while being moved two front teeth.

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You can modify the crown or make temporary while the teeth move

I think your concern is that you will move teeth orthodontically and then re-do old bulky crowns. You can aproach this by modifying the crown as the the tooth moves so that it does not look strange. However there is only so much of this you can do with porcelain. The other way is to make a temporary crown that can also be modified as the treatment progresses.

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What happens if you move a big thick crown?

Sometimes to create great cosmetic results, teeth need to be moved. Having an excellent cosmetic dentist supervising your care will help you get the results you are hoping for.

Many orthodontists and some dentists can move the teeth and roots around, but not all of them will keep the cosmetic result in mind.

Make sure an experienced cosmetic dentist sees you before you start ANYTHING! They can get all of your questions answered and help formulate a plan that while your teeth move, that you can always have a good smile.

How do roots move on a thick molar

I am unable to answer this question without xrays and photos of the case.  Sorry I could not be of more help

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How do roots move on thick molar

It is really impossible to answer this question without seeing X-rays and photos of your teeth.

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