Is It Possible to Move a Mal Positioned Breast After Augmentation to Close a Large Cleavage Gap?

1yr ago initial op, but am not happy with the result as the left breast is fuller higher and more central than other, which is about 3.5 cm away from the centre of my chest whereas the other 1.5-2cm. It is further under my armpit creating the effect of being less full and slightly lower. I have already had 1 corrective surgery to lower the left side to balance it but it has not had the desired effect. My surgeon suggests filling the breast with fat to plump it up, is there better option?

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Breast Augmentation

The current breast implant issue you describe sounds like a breast pocket design issue.  When creating the pocket you wish to insert an implant into, the goal is to provide as much symmetry as possible.  The implant itself is a passive filler and will rest where the pocket allows it to sit.  Of course any breast asymmetry you might have preoperatively will influence the ability of the aumentation to improve symmetry and limit this is only evaluated by examination and may limit this advice.  It would seem best to address the position or placement of the implant first and excellent suggestions are noted in the other posts.  I would get a second opinion prior to fat infjections.  I hope this info is helpful.

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Revision of Breast Implant Pocket Asymmetry

Not sure why your prior revision was unsuccessful in at least improving the position/symmetry of the left breast implant. Closing down the superolateral aspect of a breast pocket is the most difficult area of a breast pocket to adjust and often sutures alone may not be adequate. I would still focus on the primary problem, the breast pocket, before I would try and camouflage the problem by fat grafting which can be equally unpredictable.

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Is It Possible to Move a Mal Positioned Breast After Augmentation to Close a Large Cleavage Gap?

It is difficult to give you an answer without at leasta photo

Fat grafting is very beneficial in correcting mild asymmetries

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Breast implant issues

I think that an exam inperson would be essential. It would also be nice to see preop photos before any surgery if possible to review your asymmetry.  Good luck.

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Tightening the Pocket to Help Breast Implant Position

The best way to improve your implant position would be to close down the space closer to the arm pit. This can be done with sutures and/or a dermal matrix (STRATTICE) which acts like an internal bra to position the implant more toward the center. 


Correcting Lateral Breast Implant Displacement?

Although it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination, your description suggests that you may benefit from revisionary breast surgery that would involve internal suture repair ( capsulorrhaphy) of the breast implant pocket(s)  involved. This procedure will serve to prevent the breast implants from moving to the sides, especially when you lie down.  Obviously, this adjustment may help improve the appearance of the cleavage area.

Adjustment of breast implant size/profile may also be helpful depending on your specific anatomy and goals. You may find attached link helpful.

 Best wishes.

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Many different options

Many different options are available.  Pocket modifications.  Changing implants from over to under the muscle or under to over the muscle.  Lifts.  There is unfortunately no way to tell you what to do without at the very least a photograph.  My best suggestion is to meet with several surgeons to get in person opinions on this one.  Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
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