I Move Like I'm Pregnant, is This Normal? (photo)

I'm getting a tummy tuck on 8/9/12. I feel like my stomach doesn't go with the rest of my body. I'm not tall, 5' 3" and small built. I have some curves, but I'm not overweight. I move like I'm pregnant at times. It's the only way to describe it. My review before pictures say it all. Is this normal? Will I move NOT pregnant after my procedure and notice a positive difference?? Just have some weird worries beforehand. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Protruding belly prior to tummy tuck

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Pregnancy take a severe toll on a woman's body.  Some women obviously have more damage then others after having kids.  The experience of looking several months pregnant after child birth is very common.  Changes in your hips and curves are part of pregancy as well.  The great part of having a tummy tuck is that your abdomen will be much flatter.  You will recover a good deal of your pre-pregancy body in your case.  Be positve and good luck!




Anire Okpaku MD


El embarazo le cuesta caro al cuerpo de una mujer. Algunas mujeres obviamente cambian mas que otras despues de tener niños. Lucir que todavia sigue embarazada algunos meses despues de dar la luz es bastante comun. Cambios en sus caderas y en el diseño de su cuerpo son parte del embarazo. La parte buena acerca de la abdominoplastia es que su abdomen va lucir mucho mas plano. Usted podra recuperar gran parte de lo que era su cuerpo antes del embarazo. Este positiva y suerte!




Anire Okpaku MD

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Pre Abdominoplasty Worries

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It is very common to have all kinds of strange fears and anxieties prior to any surgery.  With reference to your term "moving like you are pregnant", my assumption is that you mean your stomach is protruding and you have a feeling of midline abdominal fullness.  This is due to the separation of your abdominal muscles (rectus diastasis), and your bowels are actually coming forward giving you the same feeling as when your uterus came forward in the same area.  The repair of your abdominal musculature (sewing together your rectus muscles) will correct this feeling and return your abdomen to your flat, pre-pregnancy state.  This should eliminate your "walking like you are pregnant and moving like you are pregnant" feelings. 

Almost all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have a patient coordinator.  He or she is there specifically to answer this type of question.  There are no foolish questions and you should feel comfortable sharing these kinds of concerns with them. 

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