Is It Possible to Move Areola Up Without Doing a Full Lift?

I want my areola to be higher up but want I don't want to go smaller I like the size of my new implants... I was thinking a loly pop lift or if just moving the areola placement would be possible that would be great because I don't like how big they are now & I wanted then smaller & centered . There not saggy I think the problem is my breast were slightly deformed I think I have tuberous breast that's why my areola is so low large and puffy . Any thoughts or suggestions please??!!

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Lifting the Areola

Thank you for your question.

It is not possible to give you any advice without an examination or at least seeing some photos.  You should be examined by a well experienced plastic surgeon to make an accurate diagnosis in your case.  Ask to see examples of their work (especially ones that would be similar to your case).

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It is possible to move areola higher


Sounds like you would only need a donut lift (incision around areola) to move and decrease their size. If however, you have low breast tissue that wasn't repositioned when you had your implants, then this can be achieved at the same time. The loly pop is an outdated technique. If you need a lift, research the Ultimate Breast Lift, it does not involve using a vertical scar to properly lift a sagging breast. It would help tremendously if you could resubmit question with photos so that you can get the best advice possible.

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