What can I do about my gummy smile? (Photo)

I consider my self to have quite big teeth and an excessive show of gum and it's always been something I've been cripplingly self conscious of . What would be the best option for me and why might I have a gummy smile? I have looked into gum laser contouring and lip lowering as doctors have told me I have an incompetent lip some dentists said I would need braces and jaw surgery but I do not want to do that so what alternative would be better for me ? Thanks

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Gummy smile

Thanks for posting the pictures. It does appear from your pictures that orthodontics and surgery would be the best option for your situation. I know this may sound aggressive but it would be life changing. It is also possible that a small amount of Botox placed just below the nose would relax the upper lip slightly and make you happier. Crown lengthening is not the answer because your teeth are normal sized. Crown lengthening will make tem appear too large.

Gummy Smile Correction

Hi there, thank you for posting your question and sharing your photos. I agree with your assessment. You are showing more than the normal amount of gum. In your case it appears that the excessive gum shown is due to the way that your jaw bones have formed. We have technology and methods today to alter the way that your jaw is growing and correct the amount of gum you are showing. My recommendation is for you to visit an orthodontist so they can evaluate where your teeth and your gums are and direct the growth in a better way. Good luck!

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