Have You Seen This Type of Crease From a TT? (photo)

hi i was wondering in all your time being here on real self have you seen this crease i have? I am so sad about this and my ps said it will go away...every time i say is this right he says you are swollen! I know i am swollen but have you seen this ever? He had more extensive hernia and repairs than he thought and I had to stay night in hospital? Thank you

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Have You Seen This Type of Crease From a TT? (photo)

Yes, closure of the abdominoplasty flap involves rearrangement of excess skin that involves compromises, or "trade-offs".  To keep the scar as short as possible, skin must sometimes be folded a bit.  Wearing an abdominal binder and swelling often make a small fold look like a deep crease.  Don't worry, if the crease doesn't resolve, it should not be too difficult to fix later.

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Additional liposuction or tissues removal would correct the crease


Thank you for the question and photos.  The crease that you are describing is most likely the result of a thicker upper layer meeting a thinner lower layer during your tummy tuck closure.  It also appears that you may have some residual laxity.This could be fixed by either doing liposuction of the area or by removing additional tissue.  I would wait until you feel like all of the swelling has gone away and you are no longer seeing improvements.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Crease From a TT

It is a bit unfair to second guess without having been there. This is not something I have seen before. I would expect some improvement with time, but I do suspect that some type of secondary procedure will be advisable in the future. 

There is usually a length mismatch between the straight line of the TT incision, and the semi-circular line left after the excess tissue has been removed. With as much excess skin as you had, and having had what looks like a mini-TT, that may have been too much to adjust for in the closure. 

In addition, if the hernia was in the lower midline, the abdominal contents may have compressed the lower abdominal skin and resulted in a thinner fat pad, which could have contributed to the crease that you now have. 

Continue to follow up with your surgeon.

Thanks for your question, and for the attached photos. Best wishes. 

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TT Crease

This crease isn't uncommon. As your PS says, give it some time. It may take a few months before it gets better. If it's still there a year after your surgery, it will be reasonable to ask your ps to revise it. 


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 Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C) 

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Have You Seen This Type of Crease From a TT?

Sorry to say a very poorly done (did you have a mini or free floating TT???) operation. You have an uneven shelf effect that could be resolved by additional surgery. 

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