Tooth #24 front broke off, back remained. 3 yrs ago placed a filling. Should I root canal and crown or should I just do crown?

2nd opinion dentist took x ray and said bottom of tooth #24 showed shadow- might be a crack or something else. Can't tell. Suggest extraction & implant. I only want to do a crown but no root canal . What is the risk if I do only crown and no root canal? Pain on Tooth #24 came 4 days after deep cleansing day but went away a few days later. No pain now. Just sensitive when I bit down. What should I do? Is root canal a must?

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Only if infected

A tooth only needs root canal therapy if the tooth is infected. Sometimes it may not even be symptomatic or hurt. If the x-ray shows evidence of infection, then root canal therapy is needed. If there is enough tooth structure left then the tooth may be a candidate for a crown.

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