Scarring from Breast Augmentation crease incision. Any suggestions? (photos)

2 year old scars crease incision and I am 23 years old. Left one is still reddish but flat and right is fading well on edge's but has a small indent in the center. Is there any options as to lighting them and fixing the small indent on the right ? Will my scars still fade more over the years?

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Scar Treatment

Your Plastic Surgeon may be able to recommend laser or micro needling treatment for your scars. They will not likely change on their own this long after surgery.
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Poor scarring after augmentation

When 2 years out, not much will dramatically change at this point and you would have to consider some kind of scar revision from a formal re-excision/closure to light fractional lasering or even microneedling if you didn't want to have a fresh scar.  Doubtful any topical will help at this point.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Scarring after Breast Augmentation

Thank you for you question. There are some great creams/gels on the market that help both flatten and lighten scars. Personally, I highly recommend either Neocutis Hydrogel or Tri-Luma to my patients. I would also recommend speaking with a skilled aesthetician about different laser treatments that can also help. Best of luck!

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Scar management

After two years, your scar should be and appears to be mature.  A minor in office scar revision would appear to be of benefit.  You should check with your surgeon and have the scar evaluated if it concerns you.  Options would include formal revision with excision and closure and laser resurfacing.

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