I have blackheads, black spots, and pimples on my face. Will microdermabrasion help my situation?

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This may not help your situation

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Prior to any treatments in office in order to address the concern of the black spots ( which is hyperpigmentation) you need to be pre-treated with a home care regimen that includes a skin lightening product, such as hydroquinone,  that will help to suppress the melamin in the skin. As well as a tretinoin cream to help the oils in your skin and prevent future breakouts.
After a two week period, my recommendation would be a few deep cleansing facials, in combination with light peels,that will soften up the dermis for easier extractions. 
This will address all of your concerns and gradually your skin will show improvement and be more even and less prone to these problems. 

Myriam Castillo
Medical Aesthetician 

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Microderm and blackheads

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Thank you for your question. Microdermabrasion by itself will not address the concerns you are having, I would speak with your provider about facials or light peels to help you acheive correction in those areas.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Microdermabrasion for acne

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To me, the advantages of microdermabrasion have been greatly exaggerated over the years. Microderm is a very superficial treatment that will minimally help with lines or scars - minimally. It is mostly a step up from a general facial because it does more exfoliation. It will help minimally with acne, as in, very, very, very little. It is much better to actually treat the reasons you are getting acne, than just the acne lesions that pop up, or you'll be treating it this way forever and not really getting anywhere. It would be best to see a dermatologist in your area for medications to clear up your acne. Microderm is a nice treatment and mini-exfoliation treatment. But don't bet on it to clear up your acne issues, or you will be very unhappy with the outcome.

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