What is best practice in relation pre op prep and surgery in terms of time line and tasks steps one expects to be taken before?

Is two weeks standard? I am a little worried because I had my preop and surgery is schedule in 2 weeks. The doctor I think is well regarded and qualified. I had lipo before many years ago and I remember a much more in depth preop prep process that seemed more thorough. Is it normal to be given a notice that you will be asked the day of surgery at 6 am for a list of your whole medical hx and medications from the surgery center? Is it normal to only talk to anestesiologist the day of? 2 weeks ??

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A medical evaluation is an essential part of your liposuction revision procedure. Talk to the surgeon about your specific concerns. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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We see the patients two week before surgery for a one hour instruction educational visit.  The plan, clearance, preop medications, photos, bloodwork and physical/history are performed then.  You do not meet the anesthesiologist until the day of the surgery.

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In my practice, we take a medical history well in advance of surgery. However, each center is different. If you are not comfortable, you can find another expert. I hope all goes well. Best, Dr. Emer

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