I've had a Bone Graft to build up the area for an implant. My Bone Graft was 5 years ago, would an implant still work? (photo)

I was born without one lateral incisor. I've had braces to close gaps and make room for implant. My bone graph was done 5 years ago. Is the implant still the beast way to go? There is no other problems with any teeth or gum issues.

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Bone graft lasting

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It is hard to say where you stand from the photo alone. Bone grafts as well as natural bone tend to resorb over time if not used. Sometimes this can occur rapidly and sometimes very slowly. An x-ray and/or CT scan would be needed to evaluate the amount of bone available at this time to support an implant. IF there is not enough bone present, additional bone grafting can always be performed.

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Bone Graft

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Bone grafting will last a long time. However, 5 yrs. maybe too long to assume all the bone is still present. Have the site evaluated to see how much bone is available. If there is, an implant can be your best choice. Once implant is placed, the bone should remain.  An Implant will help you avoid having the natural teeth on either side ground down for a bridge.


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Yes , to place an implant is your best solution , and its a very easy proceedure ,to be performed.you are still young and you must search to keep that area healthy and good
,try to set the dental implant as soon as possible ,so that way you will preserve the height of that bone ,where the tooth was extracted.

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