Breast symmetry corrected at age 17. Now, 20 years later I may need replacements, will insurance cover this procedure?

At the age of 17 I had reconstructive surgery due to one breast being an A cup and the other a D cup. They reduced one and implanted the other. 5 years after that I lose a large amount of weight and they needed to be corrected symmetrically again with implants in both. Now I'm 37 (20 years later) and I think I may need to have them replaced. Since this issue was corrected at a young age would insurance cover the surgery now?

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It will probably depend on the reason they need to be replaced.  If you have ruptures or bad capsular contracture, then they may be apt to cover it.  If it is a change for cosmetic reasons, then they may not.  You can contact your insurance and ask them.  All insurance companies are different in what they cover.

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