What would be a decent estimate for implant after left mastectomy to match the right previously augmented breast?

A few years back i had a breast augmentation procedure done. I am 5'10" and weigh 175. The implants were 450 cc high profile silicone taking me from a 36 A to a 36C/D . I have recently had a mastectomy of my left breast but they were able to keep the implant in. I am looking to increase the size of the implant to match my right breast. What would be an estimated cc amount to match? Would a wider but moderate sizes implant in a higher cc match?

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What would be a decent estimate for implant after left mastectomy to match the right previously augmented breast

A procedure to obtain symmetry after a mastectomy should be covered by your insurance

If not  it could be done in the office under local anesthetic or sedation

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I am a little confused...

They placed the same implant back in after your mastectomy?  That doesn't make too much sense.  I don't think you need to estimate- you can add up the weight of your breast specimen and add that to the volume of your implant.  If your breast specimen weighs 100 grams and your implant is 450 cc, your new implant should be close to 550 cc.  I definitely wouldn't go down in projection because you have presumably lost projection by having breast tissue removed.  Get the left side done as perfect as possible and then you may have to make a small change (like backing off in projection) on the right side.  The base width of the implant shouldn't change too much if at all.  Hope this helps.


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Breast reconstruction implants and 3D Imaging

I would approach your case by evaluating your history, performing your exam and then using 3d imaging to evaluate the differences in volume side to side.  It helps provide more information to then choose implants.

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