Tummy tuck revision? (Photo)

Hi I had a full tummy tuck and liposuction and muscle repair almost a year now But I'm not satisfied with my result I still have a bulge above my inscision line And I still feel there is an extra skin specially when I'm sitting Do I need to do a tummy tuck rivision or liposuction would fix it? If it is a surgery how is it performed

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Tummy tuck revision? (Photo)

Liposuction will unfortunately not address your concerns of skin laxity and in fact may worsen as it creates further skin excess.

Although everyone has a degree of skin excess while sitting and your results standing appear very good should you wish for a completely tight abdomen you would require a small revision.

The revision would involve releasing any scar attachments exacerbating you skin fold and excising another small amount of skin low down along the scar.

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TT revision

It is hard to evaluate your after results without seeing the before photos however you do appear like you could have additional skin and fat removed. Skin always relaxes and loosens after surgery over time however if you had a great relationship with your surgeon you could revisit the issue once you are healed at least a year which you have waited so i think it's worth revisiting the issue for sure. 

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Recurrent bulge after a tummy tuck

To improve your results the skin needs to be re-elevated and the excess removed.  You can also benefit from additional muscle tightening.  Your contour is improved when standing up with your arms up in the air, but not when you are sitting.  During the procedure, we place the patient in a bent position to exacerbate the loose skin and bulge, so results are optimal in all sitting positions with the arms down.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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