Does this mole on the bottom of my toe look cancerous? (photos)

I really want to know if it looks like something I need to worry about? Does this mole look cancerous? I have had it for over 10 years. When I first noticed it, it was small and it rapidly grew to the size it is now and has been that way for most of the 10+ years. It doesn't itch, it's not scaly and it isn't red or oozy. But it does stick out and irritated when war sandals or flip flops rub on it. Does it look worrying?

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Cosmetic Mole Removal -- Lasers, Radiowave, Shave -- See an Expert

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This can be removed easily in the office by shave excision and biopsy.  Please see a dermatologist with experience. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Abnormal moles

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Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you through photographs if your mole is cancerous or not. In my opinion, any growths that are changing or new, or worrisome should be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist. The dermatologist will examine the lesions with an instrument called a dermatoscope, which allows the physician to evaluate the growths under higher magnification for any abnormalities. If any irregularities are noted, then a biopsy should be performed. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist to have your mole evaluated. Take care and good luck.

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