Will my teeth need new Braces to move them back where they were before I went without my retainer for 2 weeks?

I lost my approx. 6 month old invisalign retainer. Got it back two weeks later. Tried to put it on, but the top piece broke towards the back of my mouth on the right side. I estimate the gap between broken piece and the rest of the retainer to be no more than 1.5mm, probably less. Will the mold that my orthodontist has of my mouth still work? Or will I need some procedure or braces to move my teeth back?

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Regarding New Braces

If that is the case then you should go for new braces. Even you can also try invisalign braces as these are more comfortable then metal braces. 

San Diego Dentist

New retainer or additional treatment?

Do you have the last Invisalign aligner from your treatment?  If so, if it fits, it should move your teeth back to where they were.  You should contact your orthodontist and schedule an appointment.  He should be able to provide you with an additional retainer without new impressions.  If it doesn't fit, then new impressions would be required, and possibly 1 or 2 aligners to reposition your teeth, followed by a new retainer.  

Gary Braunstein, DDS
Encinitas Dentist
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