Lower (open) blepharoplasty - asymmetry - when to worry?

Had my surgery 5 days ago. As of day 2 one eyelid visibly drooping, protruding blood vessel net underneath. The other eye is simply shorter (visual ratio evident). Swelling down to minimal. Just 2 different eyes. What to expect and when to fix?

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Asymmetry 5 days post op Blepharoplasty

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 Thank you for sharing your question. It would be more unusual to have symmetry five days following blepharoplasty than to have perfectly even eyelids. You need to give it more time to judge the results. You might want to post photographs for doctors to evaluate your concerns. Speak with your surgeon if you are worried. Good luck, 

Healing asymmetry after lower lid surgery

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Without a photograph it's difficult to address your concerns. I would encourage you to communicate these issues with your surgeon. Having said this, it's not uncommon for your two sides to heal differently. Additionally, you are only 5 days post-op, so more time is needed before you can really judge the results of your surgery. Good luck moving forward!

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