Jaws natural position? Completed my invisalign treatment.

I have completed my orto Invisalign treatment recently. My lower canine had hyperocclusion, so my doctor had polished the canines for better occlusion. When I am sitting in my doctor's chair, the occlusion is perfect. This is because ortho chair is positioned angled and my head is tilted backward (gravity). But in the morning after wearing retina retention devices, I feel the occlusion again for some time (because my lower jaw is moved forward slightly). What is the natural position for the jaw?

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Natural Jaw Position

Thank you for asking this very important question.  The natural jaw position is when your jaw joint (TMJ) is seated in the physiological rest position.  At this position the Joint is stable and the muscles are most relaxed.  Think of your jaw joint as a puzzle piece and your teeth as a puzzle piece.  When both puzzle pieces fit together at the same time then there is harmony between the joint, teeth. and the muscles in between.  When one puzzle piece is out of place it causes disharmony in the other areas.  This can show up as pain in the muscles, pain in the teeth, pain in the joint, or an uncomfortable bite etc... Hope this helps! Not every dentist is trained in this type of treatment.  You can find a Pankey trained dentist in your area.       

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