Why Should Death/Mortality Be the Defining Factor for Liposuction?

Liposuction is marketed for people with slight 'diet /exercise resistant contour irregularities', but the legal limit is 5 liters of fat that can be removed, which doesn't make medical or ethical sense. Fit, active, healthy people don't have essential adipose tissue to spare, and disfiguration, complications and chronic pain are common outcomes. I would hope that doctors take time to read the comments/reviews from people who have been harmed by this physiologically ill advised surgery.

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Liposuction 5 Liter limit

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Thank you for your question about legal limits on liposuction. I believe you are misinformed.

  1. Five liters is the safety limit to liposuction done as an outpatient.
  2. Large liposuctions are done in a hospital with an overnight stay.
  3. People have reasons for liposuction; many have benefited from it for over 3 decades. 
  4. Liposuction complications are low when done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Chronic pain and disfigurement are uncommonEthical surgeons discuss these in detail before liposuction. Hope this helps.

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