Facial Surgery Questions. Will the following procedures be appropriate for me? (Photo)

Hi, I feel my face is not pretty enough, not sure if the following procedures may or may not be appropriate, or if weight loss may be sufficient to correct some of them: buccal fat removal rhinoplasty: most self-conscious about my nose and cheeks. I feel like they make my face uglier, since the rest of the features are delicate. neck liposuction cheek implants or under eye fillers chin fillers laser skin resurfacing Please let me know what you think and thanks for your time ^^

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Rhinoplasty will make a nice improvment...

It is important to understand that you can't really change the inherent shape of your face too much. Having said that, there are things that can be done to make improvement. Reducing the size and length of the nose will be a good start. Liposuction of the neck is fine, but we don't really remove the buccal fat pad because as you age you will lose fat in the face and removing the pad can make you look more hollowed out. It is important to seek consultation with a facial specialist so you can create the best plan possible.

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Rhinoplasty candidate

In our practice, we do not recommend buccal fat pad removal. Liposuction of the neck is  recommended when patients to have diet resistant fat and they are at her ideal body weight. Cheek implants will he make the cheeks look more full, and are really used in patients who have hollow cheeks. The rhinoplasty procedure can address shaving down the dorsal hump narrowing the tip  and narrowing the bridge to refine the nose. For many examples please see link below

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Facial surgery questions

Before you consider surgery I would recommend weight loss. Calculate your BMI based on your height and weight and target a BMI of 25.  This may take a while but you will notice your face obtain an nicer shape with less of a square shape.  You are young and therefore have good skin tone and elasticity.  After this you can consider the other procedures you mentioned if there are any residual issues. 

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Facial Surgery

Hello Misuzuhikari,

If you are considering weight loss, and can realistically lose the weight (something that can be very difficult to do and maintain), that should be performed before any other invasive facial procedures.  Once you are within 10-15 pounds of your realistic weight goals, other surgical options can be considered.  When you mention buccal fat, it is important to know the area you are talking about.  The buccal fat pad is located near the mouth on both sides and is one of the deeper fat pads.  Although it can be addressed surgically, it is not one of the treatments usually recommended on younger patients but may be of benefit on older patients who have more facial hollowing.  

Facial liposuction which addresses more of the superficial fat of the face can be performed alone via several small incisions in natural creases around the face or as part of a larger procedure.  This is usually performed prior to considering the buccal fat pad and is commonly done on younger patients.  Again I would recommend you defer any treatment for this pending your decision about weight loss.  

For the rhinoplasty, that can be done at any time regardless of weight.  Depending on what concerns you there are many methods of improving the overall appearance of the nose including refining the width and tip.
Cheek implants are difficult to comment on based on the photos.  Ideally you would have a photo straight on with your hair pulled back and able to see both cheeks and the bones at the same time.  I would caution you about widening the face with an implant as if you are already concerned about the size you may not be pleased with the outcome.  

Eye fillers placed in the tear trough (the area between the nose and eye) can help if there is a harsh shadow.  If the problem is more fullness of the fat pads around the eye then a blepharoplasty may be a better option.  
Your chin appears to be a in a good position.  It is ideally at or just behind a line dropped from the lower part of your lip on the profile view.  

Skin resurfacing using either dermabrasion, lasers, or chemical peels can help to improve wrinkles (which you don't have based on your photos).  If you have acne scars then they can also improve that.  Some people will try a product such as Retin-A to improve the skin quality before seeking a more aggressive resurfacing treatment.  Hope this helps.  

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Rhinoplasty, submental liposuction and fillers

Thank you for your question. More detailed photos would be helpful. You would benefit from rhinoplasty to refine the tip, lessen projection, and slightly rotate the tip. Submental liposuction canbe used to sculpt the area under the chin, assuming that this cannot be accomplished with weight loss. The submental region can be resistant to weight loss. Buccal fat removal is also a reasonable option, but must be done conservatively. A chin implant may also be a good option, though your photos don't quite give enough detail about this area. Finally, Voluma to the cheeks and Restylane to the tear troughs would also give nice results. Best of luck!

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Facial Surgery Questions.

If you are not happy with the look of your face, you feel that you are getting older, your skin started to lose its elasticity and if you think that this situation is going to get even worse if you do not take any precaution; then you can be a good candidate for “Spider Web Aesthetics”. Most people are afraid of surgical interventions since the complication risk and the results can frighten the patients. Therefore patients are seeking for non-surgical solutions more and more. Spider Web Aesthetics is a non-surgical lifting

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