Hole in cheek after pimple? Please help!

When I was younger I picked at a pimple on my right cheek and I now have an indentation in my cheek. It has been a few years now and the hole is still there. It is easily noticeable upclose and quite embarrassing having a hole in my face. I would like to know if I would need reconstructive surgery in order to fix the hole or if I can fix the hole myself using natural remedies such as aloe Vera gel or neosporin? Please let me know. Thank you.

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Acne scarring

Thank you for your question. A photograph would be most helpful in giving you a more complete answer. However, if the skin itself has a noticeable scar, it may be possible to do a "scar revision" surgery in which the current scar is removed, and the wound is repaired in a manner that should improve the appearance. If you have a contour depression, then perhaps fat could be added underneath it to improve the shape. It just depends on the problem. I'd suggest seeing a plastic surgeon near you in person. Best wishes.

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