Who Can Fix Morphologically Prone Eyes?

Eleven years ago I had ptosis surgery of the upper eyelids and endoscopic browlift to look fresher. By the way I have big myopia that was fixed with eye lens implants. I'm not happy with the cosmetic result. Here in swizterland oculoplastic surgeons can't fixe it, but it is obvious that something with my eyes didn't look good. My thought is that my whole face is out of proportion. I search a good oculoplastic surgeon and somebody who can fix the other facial abnormalities. Thank you.

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Unhappy after endoscopic browlift and ptosis repair

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Well.  certainly you do not look terrible and perfect symmetry is not always possible after ptosis repair and this could be partly due to the high myopia.  Nevertheless, an experienced oculoplastic surgeon could probably improve symmetry by repairing the lid retraction of the left upper lid, possibly the lower lids (hard to tell in these photos) or performing small bilateral lateral tarsorrhaphies or canthoplasties.

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