is it normal that three days after getting my braces removed to notice a small gap in between my front teeth? (photo)

I got my braces taken off three days ago, and got asked to wear a retainer every night for the next six months. I've been wearing it these last nights and following all of my dentist's advice. However this afternoon I noticed a slight change , a little gap in between my front teeth, should I be worried?

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Teeth are stubborn

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Every situation is unique and is case dependent. Generally speaking, teeth do have the tendency to relapse and return to their original position. This is mainly due to the gingival fibers attached to the teeth. They are elastic and have a tendency to rebound after braces are removed. Because they are attached to teeth, when the fibers rebound, they can alter the position of the teeth slightly as well. Relapse is not uncommon and is often not the fault of the treating doctor. It is just a natural biological tendency. To minimize the risk of relapse, some orthodontists recommend increasing the amount of time the patients wear the retainers to include day time wear (in addition to night time wear). The amount of time retainer wear is prescribed is case dependent and may need to be adjusted based on observation and clinical exam. If a patient has further concerns, a good idea may be to schedule an appointment with his or her treating orthodontist and see if the retainers need to be adjusted for a better fit.

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