Liposuction Vs bodyjet?

Hi. I need an advice. I don't know what the best to lose weight is a classic liposuccion or bodyjet ? Thank you

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Body contouring with both body jet and laser liposuction

As has been said previously, liposuction is a body contouring procedure, not a weight loss treatment. It is ideal for patients who have used diet and exercise to lose weight but have stubborn areas of fat that prove hard to eliminate. If you are such a candidate, you would want to go with a liposuction procedure that is as gentle on the body as possible and has a short recovery. We use Aqualipo, which combines body jet and laser liposuction for best results in fat removal and skin tightening. Traditional liposuction can result in more bruising and tissue damage, whereas the body jet is gentler on the body. Good luck with  your body contouring journey!

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Weight loss

Alas, neither are an alternative to weight loss. Both work perfectly in patients who are fit and healthy but have an area of fat that looks out of place or has proved very hard to shift despite diet and exercise. They both do the same thing but bodyjet tends to require less saline shift into the tissues and is also quicker for the surgeon and therefore probable a little safer for the patient. Liposuction works well too for smaller or more delicate area fat removal.Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

Weight loss with lipo

Hi There

Thank you for your question it is frequently asked. 

The first question to ask yourself is are you overweight and does it bother you? For example do you get short of breath climbing steps or find it difficult to get in to clothes you used to wear.

If so you need to try to cut down on calorie intake and try to exercise more (walking is the best exercise).

If not overweight then any lipo method is good, if you have loose skin BodyTite works best, otherwise there is little to choose. The most important thing is the skill of the surgeon and how gentle he/she is as roughness is what causes most bruising in my humble experience. Assisted methods like Vaser BodyTite or waterlipo all make it easier to remove the fat thus reduce bruising.

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Body Jet and Liposuction are for contouring, not weight loss. You should be at or near your ideal weight before undergoing either procedure. I prefer a VASER hi definition liposuction procedure for sculpting and contouring the body.  I use a combination approach. Please find an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Liposuction Vs bodyjet?

Liposuction is not the best way to lose weight. You many drop a few pounds depending on how much fat is removed. It does NOT matter what type of machine (regular lipo or BodyJet lipo) is used. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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