Non healing belly button post tummy tuck. (photos)

Today is two weeks post op from my Lipo and tummy tuck. My incision is dried up with scar lumps but my belly button remains yet to heal over. No odor, scant amount of dark red drainage over a twenty four hour period. No pain. My surgeon is out of town and can't see me until Monday. I'm worried it's infected since I can offer it to heal!

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Belly buttons after tummy tuck can be slow to heal

It does not look infected.  Keep it clean and apply an ointment (I like simple A+D) to keep it moist.  Wound healing studies have shown moist wounds heal faster.  It looks like your surgeon did a good job.  You will look great.

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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The bellybutton generally takes a bit longer to heal than the actual tummy tuck incision. Keep it clean and put a bit of ointment(Bacitracin or Aquaphor) on it until you can see your surgeon. If redness begins to spread, you run a fever or it starts to have an odor, call your surgeon's office as most surgeons have others take their calls when out of town.

Clayton L. Moliver, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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