Scar tissue after ptosis surgery. (photos)

I had my third ptosis surgery last month in Germany. The doctor said he had a lot of scar tissue to remove due to the prior surgeries. Since I'll be moving to California in September, I won't be able to see my doctor for post-care. I'm 5 weeks post now and my eyelid is still swollen and makes movement difficult and I have to compensate by raising my forehead. I'm concerned that this could be excess scar tissue. What are my options going forward once I'm in California and what are the costs?

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Ptosis repair, but eye still stiff at 5 weeks, what to do?

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Hi Crowly,Thanks for your question and photos. It certainly is hard to assess what your situation is without an exam. You will need time to heal and at 5 weeks it is too soon to tell. Since this was your third surgery, you have more scar tissue than most people. I would recommend massage but I am not sure what your surgeon did and it may hurt your results. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see if they can evaluate you with video conferencing and see if they know someone that can follow you in California. Good Luck! 

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Revision eyelid ptosis surgery

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For a complicated problem like this, best to see an oculoplastic specialist in person. Revision ptosis may be possible. See link below.

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