More Wrinkles Around the Eyes After Total FX?

I had Deep FX laser around the eye area 4 weeks ago. I see improvement in the sinking area of the tear trough, however the skin looks dry and full of added lined and pulled wrinkles in crows feet and under eye area. Is this because the skin is dry? Will this go away and is it typical after Deep FX treated area has healed? What is going on? Also the redness is still there and I have heard it can take months to go away.

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Fractionated CO2 Treatment Results

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The results from a fractionated CO2 treatment, such as Active/Deep fx continue to manifest over 3-6 months as more collagen is laid down. Typically at one month after treatment I tell my patients that they may question why they even had the procedure because the swelling has gone down by then and enough collagen has not been created to make a difference typically.  I would be patient.  I typically encourage my patients to keep the area moist with good products, including products containing growth factors as the skin continues to heal.

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Deep FX fractional laser around eyes, redness, lines and wrinkles

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Hi Lidia~  While fractional lasers have less downtime than traditional laser resurfacing techniques, everyone heals differently.  It is not unusual for you to still have redness, be dry and see lines.  I always recommend that my patients have botox on board in the crow's feet, glabella and forehead before having Active or Deep FX so that those muscles are relaxed and the skin has a chance to heal evenly.  I also believe good skincare peri-operatively is important so that you are "feeding" that new skin and replenishing it.  A couple of recommendations I might make at this point are a good eye treatment that treats the elastin (the bounce-back element) in the skin such as Relastin by PrecisionMD and an eye cream that rebuilds and strengthens the tissue such as NIA24 Eye Complex, both extremely effective in treating that area.  The laser treatment is a great tool for achieving what you want, but the tissue needs to be nourished along with it for best outcome.  Try to be patient; I have patient who looked better a year after their treatment than they did at 6 months!

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More Wrinkles After Deep FX?

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Thank you for your question. I would recommend hydrating with a cream based moisturizer and applying daily SPF 30 with zinc. Avoid sun exposure to the area until redness subsides to prevent any hyperpigmentation. Everybody heals differently. I would recommend doing a follow up appointment with your provider to assess the area. I hope this helps.

Results after Total FX take time

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Hi LidiaAnna,

Total FX improves the appearance of the skin by inducing a controlled injury that creates a wound healing response that ultimately heals with a nicer appearance.  However, the healing phase can last for a while, and the dryness and redness you are experiencing are not abnormal.  It can take 6 months or more to see the final result.  In the meantime, take extra good care of your skin by using gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen.  Hang in there!

Lawrence Osman, MD
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