I Am Not Sure How Much More Weight to Loose Before Body Lift, Breast Reduction, How Early Should I Consult for Surgery? (photo)

Im looking to have surgery done to remove excess skin/fat from my lower body/chest area due to weight loss. I have lost 160+ lbs.(over past 3 yrs.)so far, am 6' 1" and currently weight 234 lbs. I have some PS consults scheduled in 2 weeks but am I approaching this to early? Im assuming I am going to lose 20+ lbs. of skin/fat, but dont know if I am over-estimating. Based on my pics, can anyone tell me approx. what my target weight should be? I know what BMI says, but dont know if that's realistic

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Weight loss and body lift

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Your current BMI is 31, making you just barely in the "overweight" range.  I would estimate a weight loss of more like 10 lbs. when all the loose skin is tightened up.  (You will lose more INCHES than pounds).  Taking that into account, would bring your BMI down to about 30.  If you think you can lose a little more weight without doing something crazy, go ahead.  Otherwise I think you are ready, right now, to start planning a series of staged skin and fat resections to tighten up the trunk and chest.  I would recommend doing chest and abdomen together first, followed by the flanks and lower back (completing the lower body lift) second.  Plan for about 3-4 weeks off work for the first stage, about 2-3 months between procedures, and about 2 weeks off for the second stage. 

Based on your photos you should get GREAT results.  Good luck.

Body lift and breast lift question

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I think 200 pounds would be a great goal to hit prior to surgery. Your BMI will be better and your surgical risks lower from the recovery standpoint. You are probably going to have a staged approach to body rejuvination after massive weight loss. My approach from your pictures would be a body lift as the first procedure. Then 4-6 months later a breast and trunk plasty. Congratulation on taking charge and please see a board certified plastic surgeon for consultation. Ok to meet a few doctors now and gather information! Good Luck.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Body Lift Surgery and Body Weight

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Congratulations on loosing that much weight, that is fantastic.  Your BMI is 31, putting you at a high risk category for surgery.  Just loosing 15 pounds brings you to 29, what is considered to be safer.  From the standpoint of optimal timing for the lower body lift, you should be closer to 200 pounds to get a good result.  Alternatively, you can wait until you are at your goal weight, or the weight were you stabilize.  

Looking at your photos, however, I noticed that you will need more than just a belt lipectomy or lower body lift; you also have upper chest skin redundancy that involves your breasts and upper back, and this will require another type of surgery.  From my perspective you can move forward with this surgery when your BMI is below 30.  Having this 'upper body lift' first will act as a motivator to continue loosing the last of your excess weight afterwards.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Losing weight prior to surgery

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Thank you for your question and photos.

Congratulations on your weight loss so far! That is a great achievement!

I always tell my patients to be at their lowest weight and also a stable weight prior to having surgery.  When you are stable and at the lowest weight possible, you will achieve the best results after surgery.

You can go to your consultation and get some general information but they may ask you to come back after you have lost the weight to get more precise information.

I hope this helps.

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