More upper pole fullness: Will Fat Grafting be enough? (Photo)

I have a lollipop breast lift with augmentation in June 2013. I had some asymmetry so two different size implants were used. I feel the breast with the smaller implant looks smaller even though it started out as the larger breast. Would fat grafting to add some fullness be enough or would you recommend an implant exchange?

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Fat Grafting for Breast Asymmetry

Fat grafting is an excellent technique for the treatment of minor contour irregularities. When patients have minor degrees of breast asymmetry or decreased upper breast fullness, fat grafting can be used effectively to treat these problems.

If you're considering correction of breast asymmetry with fat grafting, it's important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

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Fat grafting to increase upper pole after breast augmentation and lift

Fat grafting or transplantation can certainly be done to increase your upper pole fullness after breast augmentation and lift.  Fat grafting is a relatively new technique candidate is crucial that you find and consult a plastic surgeon who has experience in fat grafting to the breast.

However fat grafting has been very successful used to correct deformities and increased fullness after breast augmentation.

Fat graft for breast asymmetry

Fat grafting to the breast is commonly used to correct breast asymmetry or upper pole deficiency especially after breast implant. It is very important to see a plastic surgeon experienced in fat grafting. This procedure can be performed in the office using IV sedation.

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Correcting breast asymmetry after implants

If saline implants were placed then the smaller side can simply be filled more, provided it is a relatively modest asymmetry.  If silicone implants were placed, and again a modest asymmetry exists post-op, then fat transfer is reasonable but unpredictable.  Glad to help.

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Fat Grafting for Breast Asymmetry

If you need just a small amount of breast asymmetry corrected, then fat grafting would be a good choice. If a larger amount of asymmetry correction is needed, then an implant exchange would be better

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Adding to your breast lift/augmentation with fat grafting

Although fat grafting is not typically enough to provide a significant augmentation, it can be used to provide benefit in specific sites. Looking at your results, the most striking character of your surgery is the large areola and stretched out lower pole. If your lift was skin only, you may benefit from a formal lift to rearrange the breast tissue and tighten the shape of your breast tissue. This may get rid of the need for either of the things you discussed.
Find a surgeon who is comfortable with multiple different types of breast lift and is comfortable with revision surgery.  It is often harder to correct imperfections than to avoid them.
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More upper pole fullness: Will Fat Grafting be enough?

Fat grafting is an excellent adjunct to breast augmentation.
It can improve upper pole fullness and correct breast asymmetry provided there is enough fat to harvest

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