More Upper Fullness in Right Breast?

Hello! I received 440cc unders. I'm 6 days post op and love my results, however I noticed there is more upper pole fullness in my right breast. My left breast doesn't seem to have completely dropped either so I'm not sure if they are dropping at different rates do if something's wrong. I'm really worried. I'm massaging them; can you give me some techniques? Should I ask for a band at my post op? I'm wearing a compression bra. I normal? Thanks!

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Breast Augmentation and early post op asymmetry

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At six days post breast augmentation you are still in the early post op period.  It is very likely that your breast tissue will stretch and the implant will settle over the next several weeks.  You are correct that wearing a stretch band above the breasts may help speed this process.  Breast massage may also help in this regard.  Check with you surgeon to see what activities they would suggest.  But, I wouldn't worry - what you have described is normal.  Best wishes.

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Asymmetric fullness

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You are in the early phases of healing and it would be common to have the type of asymmetry you are seeing.  The use of a band and the massage or implant displacement exercises should be the decision of your surgeon at your post op visit.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
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6 days post-surgery is too soon, you are swollen and it takes 6-9 months for everything to settle in. It is very common for one side of your body to heal faster than the other. In our practice we do give our patients a breast band to help push the implants down. You should ask your PS if they do that or if they don’t, what options do you have to make them more symmetrical. You are normal, good luck with your healing process.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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