Which has more swelling? Primary surgery or removal of implant and grafts?

2.5 months post op after open rhino. Goretex on dorsum and nasal septum was harvested for tip height and added ear cartilage for projection. I am planning to have all these removed since i dont want anymore unnatural implant on my nose but scared of wht it will look like after. Its ok if it will just go back to pre op structure or better but i hope not worst than my original nose. Will there be more swelling after removal compared to what i experience during primary? Hope its swells less

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Recovery after revision rhinoplasty

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The synthetic implant on the bridge of your nose can be removed with minimal swelling, but removing the septal and ear cartilage grafts from the tip of your nose will create significant swelling.  After revision surgery, the nose will take longer to heal and for the swelling to fully resolve.  

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