After 150 lbs Lost, Do I Need More Surgery Than Tummy Tuck and a Breast Lift ?

After my 150 lb weightloss, I am looking into TT and Breast Lift. I also have lot of skin in the back and side of my breasts. Will I have to get more surgery to get rid of the skin on sides on my breast or Breast lift will be enough? I am also looking in to losing 30 more lbs before TT, Is that wise or I should go for surgery as the Doctors here are saying that I don't need to lose anymore.Currently I am 180 lbs, 5ft 6in.

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Weight loss and surgery

Congratulations. If you are planning to lose 30 more lbs, then I would wait to have surgery.  You probably need a circumfernetial abdominoplasty and may  need more than a breast lift to accomplish your goals.

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Body and Breast Contouring After Massive Weight Loss: Different than routine cosmetic breast and body contouring

Body and breast contouring after massive weight loss is very different than that of a patient who has just had children and is wanting a mommy make-over. The techniques applied to the weight loss patient usually involves accompanying for a significant amount of excess skin which can lead to longer and more scars, as well as trying to preserve some subcutaneous tissue to maintain shape rather than remove it with liposuction. From a breast perspective, the outer chest skin and fat can be utilized to fill and shape the breast in a procedure which i refer to as a breast lift with autologous augmentation. This is a great operation because it is a win win scenario with improved breast and out chest contour. A standard tummy tuck would likely leave you with excess skin on the sides therefore an extended abdominoplasty or body lift would likely be the better option. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this in Dallas.

Dr. Trussler 

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Weight loss before tummy tuck

You should get down to your goal weight before having any type of body contouring surgery. You may actually need more than a tummy tuck, you may need what is called a corsetplasty which will address the excess skin of your sides as well. This will also involve a scar which runs vertically down your abdomen but it will give a much better contour that a traditional tummy tuck. Discuss these options with a board certified plastic surgeon during your consultation.

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Body contouring procedures following massive weight loss

Congratulations on you considerable weight loss. With regard to your question on additional weight loss, if you are planning/desiring to lose additional weight, you would be best served if you do so before any cosmetic contouring procedures. This would allow you to obtain the best tightening and rejuvenating results.

What procedures would be best for you would depend on what your goals and finances are. Clearly, you could benefit from a lower body lift that would be a circumferential tightening of your trunk that would include the tummy tuck, buttock and outer thigh lift. If your thighs/inner thighs are lax and you would like improvements here, then a thigh lift could be performed as well.

For your breasts, a lift with an augmentation may be a consideration. There may need to be additional skin resection that extends to your back. Other lax areas such as the arms can be tightened as well.

You may want to see a few board certified plastic surgeons in your area who can provide you with recommendations.


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What surgery after 150 lb weight loss?

Way to go! I think that you need a circumferential tummy tuck which will re-shape your tummy, waist and low back. You should have additional lipo of your mid-back roll but you will probably still have a bit of a fold there. The only way to get rid of that would be with an upper body lift. Wait till you lose the extra weight if it will be easy. Especially before your breast surgery since it might really make a difference with the size of your breasts. Good luck.

150 pound weight loss

Congratulations on your weight loss!  As most people have already stated, it is adviseable to be as close to your ideal body weight as possible before surgery, and be sure to be stable at that weight for at least a few months.  As you lose more weight you may find that increased hanging skin and less fat will cause different areas to bother you more, and your results will be better.   Most patients in your situation do benefit from breast surgery and tummy tuck, with extension around the backside to elevate the buttocks and get rid of excess tissue, and something to address the "bra" area.  Other common procedures performed after massive weight loss are arm lifts and medial thigh lifts.   It is important to stage the procedures in a way that makes sense and is safe. 

Tummy tuck and breast lift are NOT recommended.

Either (or both) of these operations performed at the present time will only leave you with inadequately-treated residual loose skin, particularly if you plan to lose additional weight.

You have done so well thus far (GOOD FOR YOU!); spending thousands of dollars and ending up with your surgeon saying to you "Well, I'm sorry you still have loose skin of the thighs, hips, and buttocks, not to mention the sides of your chest and back--you need more surgery!" would be quite a surprise and a major disappointment. Of course you can pay thousands more for even more surgery, but if that is the rationale of your surgeon, he or she is not being a good steward of your money, time recovering, risks, and overall well-being.

I firmly believe the best recommendation is for you to lose all the weight you plan to, stabilize at a healthy point where you are no longer fluctuating weight and have a healthy ability to heal after major surgery, and then start with a circumferential belt lift (lower body lift, torsoplasty, etc.--all terms for the same thing in most cases). This is a 6-7 hour operation in itself, and although most surgeons perform this as an inpatient procedure, I have been doing body lifts as an outpatient procedure for 14 years, and our practice has taken care of over 250 body lift patients as outpatients without death, heart attack, or stroke. This not only saves thousands of dollars in cost, but also keeps you out of a hospital where the operating rooms have seen ruptured appendices, dead bowel and all sorts of infections and trauma, not to mention the sick patients and nasty bacteria that reside in hospitals! Just a couple of points to consider.

Once you have healed from your beltlift, then you can have a breast lift, back lift, arm lift, and/or medial thigh lift as necessary or desirable, combining procedures as time and safety allow. For examples of patients having outpatient beltlifts in our AAAASF-accredited office surgical facility, click on the link below. You can also look for my article (on the About tab of my Profile page) titled: "Lower Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss--Is Outpatient Beltlift Surgery Safe?" for more information.

Don't rush into any operation(s) yet! Be fully prepared and informed! Best wishes!

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Cosmetic surgery after weight loss

Dear New me,

Well done! If you feel like you can loose more weight, by all means do so.  Once your weight is stable you can consider elective surgery for optimum results. I would recommend a TT with mesh to 'lock' you in at the weight you are when you come in for surgery and to help you loose any additional weight if needed. Once you are locked in at your desired weight, then an Ultimate Breast Lift would be ideal for you. This new technique for lifting breasts works for all breast types. It gives you upper pole fullness without needing an implant. Plus, there is NO VERTICAL SCAR. Good luck to you! Best wishes, Dr. H

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Achieving the Best Outcome after Large Weight Loss

Hi there-

Clearly, and as my colleagues have pointed out, you have many options for procedures and timing. My personal opinion is that to achieve a result you are happy with you will eventually be best off with a Lower Body lift and some form of breast enhancement procedure. Whether the Lower Body Lift is done all at once or divided into a tummy tuck, with buttock lift done later would be up to you and your goals.

These operations are all associated with very high rates of patient satisfaction when performed by experienced and skillful surgeons.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

You photos indicate that you probably have a circumferential excess of skin, which would make a lower body lift your best option.  My preference is to perform that at the same time as a breast lift as a Stage 1 procedure.

At a second stage, the side of chest skin can be removed along with any touchups from Stage 1.

I would suggest that you go ahead with your weight loss until you reach a health and sustainable goal.  This will help your results and may even mean that you would require less surgery.


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