What is More Suitable for Me - Invisalign or Damon Braces? (photo)

I have 5 mm gap and 5 mm over jet, i don't have biting problems, i have 1 rotated molar but this also doesn't bother me, what should i use for getting the best result in the shortest time? thank you! which one is faster and more effective, which gives the best result- invisalign or damon?

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Damon or Invisalign

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It appears to be that you would be a candidate for either braces or invisalign with treatment time expected to be the same for both methods.  Damon is just a name for a particular type of bracket.  


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Damon braces for Big space in front

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I am an orthodontist who uses Damon braces for most of my treatments and I do think it would be the most effective appliance that you could use for treating a problem like yours.  Those two front teeth are going to need a lot of lateral movement without too much tipping into the space.  I think this could probably be controlled better using fixed braces like the Damon system.  The lower incisors will need to be very significantly intruded to get the clearance needed to retract the upper front teeth and close the space.  Again I think fixed appliances will be more effective for that.  Regardless of what appliance you use, be sure that you go to an ADA  recognized orthodontic specialist for a treatment as difficult as this.  If you have  someone who is not not an orthodontic specialist and is not very experienced in orthodontics try to do it, they might have a difficult time getting a nice result for you on a case this challenging.    

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
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Invisalign or damon ?

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Not really the right question!  Damon is just the name of a particular type of bracket that has not been scientifically proven to be more effective than "regular" braces....the company that makes it and the orthodontists who use it tend however to market it as a major orthodontic breakthrough which it is not!

It certainly looks like you could be treated either with Invisalign or regular braces...time should be about the same

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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Invisalign or traditional braces?

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Always good to ask your providers and find someone that offers both types of orthodontics who can see you and give you a answer for your situation.  I always recommend a submission to Invisalign for a proposal called a clicheck which will let you know exact time and difficulties possible.  This requires Impressions pictures and xrays.  Invisalign is easier to clean and maintain and more esthetic.  Having said that, traditional braces, of which Damon are a type, give greater control of a case and offer more movement possibilities.  Two good choices- the final choice depends on your goals.  Good luck!

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