More Spider Veins from Candela Vbeam Laser Vein Treatment?

I've noticed that more spider veins have appeared on the treated areas after the first session. I'm still due for a second round, though, after the areas have healed. Is this laser treatment for spider veins actually causing more to appear on the treated areas?

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Quite possibly...

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what you are experiencing sounds like "matting".

this is not an uncommon side effect of treating any size and/or type of vein.

this can occur after sclerotherapy or laser treatments for reticular/spider veins.  it is believed to be due to angiogenic factors that are released after sclerosing or treating a vein and as a result new very small veins will grow in that area.

it is very difficult to treat, i would normally suggest a pulse dye laser (VBeam) or sclerotherapy with a saline/destrose solutions.


Kelowna Physician

Sclerotherapy or Laser Vein Therapy

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I would disagree that sclerotherapy is the "gold standard" for the treatment of spider veins. We use a combination of sclerotherapy to treat feeder veins and lasers for residual spider veins that are still therapy following this type of treatment. There is no "best" treatment for this complex set of vein problems - feeder veins, reticular veins and telangiectasias (or spider veins).

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