Can I have more saline added to my implants during next surgery? (photo)

I am 4 days post op. I had 330 saline implants overfilled to 340 and an anchor lift. Two days post op my left implant was significantly smaller and it was determined the implant had been punctured during surgery. My question is, since I am already undergoing surgery for replacement in two days, is it possible to have more cc added to my current good implant to achieve the full C cup/ small D I was hoping for and am rather shy of post operatively?

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Refilling saline-filled breast implants

The simple answer is yes, but don't bother. Your existing intact implant is not overfilled. Overfilled (or underfilled) is more than 10% above the rated volume or anything less than the rated volume. The amount of saline that could be added is not going to make a significant difference in the apparent volume.
Saline-filled breast implants are meant to be filled once and then allowed to seal. Refilling them or overfilling them could void the warranty for the implants. 
I would recommend a simple replacement of the apparently failed implant and then let things heal and settle and see if you want to replace both implants with larger (or different type) implants later. The current replacement should be largely covered by the warranty on the implant. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon
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Changing the plan in midstream

places your surgeon in an awkward position... and most surgeons would not want to re-open a breast that is healing simply to add a few more cc's of volume unless you are willing to compensate your surgeon for the additional time that it takes to do this. 

If you really want to be larger, you can ask your surgeon about what options you have.  If the current implant has more space to allow more filling, you could certainly pursue this with your re-do of your deflated side.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Adjustments to a saline implant

Yes, it is possible to add a few more cc's to your other implant. provided you & your surgeon are willing to re-open that side.

Thomas Fiala, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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