What would be the cost of a tummy tuck in NYC?

My new questions to the doctors is it in bad taste to negotiate a procedure quote with your plastic surgeon? I would also like to ask when is the right time to go to a consultation? I want to book a consultation but just so I can get the full picture for what I want done & pricing. I live in NYC would anyone know how much a full tummy tuck with lipo and muscle repair ? Thank u,
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Tummy tuck questions

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Thank you for your questions. I think that it is best to go for a consultation when you are think you are ready to have surgery. The cost of the procedure will depend on what your surgeon feels needs to be done. I think it is a good idea to set up a consultation to get a better idea of what you will need done. I have a good friend, Dr. Jeremiah Redstone that practices in Manhattan. He is a talented surgeon and a great person, he will take very good care of you. Good luck.

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