Removing Both Capsules or Just the Encapsulated One? (photo)

I have posted other questions before... thank you for all of your great answers! My left breast is encapsulated. My implants are now beneath the muscle. I will need my implants replaced and a lift done as well. Should both capsules be removed? I've had a couple doctors say that they would only remove the one that is encapsulated on the left... my breast tissue is thin and they say that leaving the capsule on the right breast is best. I'm afraid that my breasts will be uneven and feel different.

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Breast capsule

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Since both implants will be replaced and a lift done, it makes the most sense to,try to perform the identical procedure on both sides.  Thin skin would be more of a concern if the implants are above the muscle, but since they are subpectoral, capsulectomies can be more easily done without the concern of thin skin.

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Implant issues

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Yes, I think based solely on your description the breast with the capsule should have the capsule removed and implant exchanged.

Steven Wallach, MD
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One implant encapsulated, what should I do?

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Thanks for the photos. You do not state if these are saline or silicone gel implants. My approach would be different if thesae are saline implants. If that is the case, I would deflate them to allow for your overstretched tissues to rebound. Then, depending on your tissues, one can place implants in a new pocket. If you have gel implants, I would address both breasts, otherwise you could have more asymmetry. Good luck.


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From your picture it does look like only one is encapsulated, if you have other doctor say to only do one I would follow their advice. Without an exam it’s very hard to give an accurate advice. You should take your PS advice.


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#BreastAugmentation and Capsule Removal

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From your photos and description, it looks like you are correct in your assessment. It is likely that only the affected capsule needs to be removed and the bulk the existing capsule adds will help to camouflage the implant. The lift will help tighten the skin and reposition your nipple. Your surgeons are giving you sound advice and you should listen. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Removing Both Capsules or Just the Encapsulated One

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I agree with your surgeon and would also favor not tampering with the normal implants. It is not as if doing the same operation on each side guarantees the same outcome, as you can tell by your own case history.

A new capsule will form around the new left implant and if you are fortunate they will feel the same after healing.

It is not an easy call.

Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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