I Would Really Appreciate More Opinions on my Options for Tuba or Axillary Breast Augmentation Please?

I'm 33 yrsold and brstfed for 4 years. I have been to 4 consultations, only 1 tuba/axillary.I weigh 128lbs and am 5'7, I have ptosis and am a 34b/c. 1 surgeon was adamant that I needed a lift but the other 3 all said I could avoid the lift by choosing a larger implant size(450- 550 cc). I do not want a lift and I would like to use tuba or axillary. I am concerned about rippling with the saline and caps. contract. w the 500silicone if done over the muscle. Are 500cc too big for over the muscle?

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Best incision for augment?

There is none but a recent study suggested that axillary approaches were associated with the greatest risk for contracture.  TUBA approaches are tricky and take considerable skill to achieve consistent results... know your doctors revision policy if it isn't right.  Finally, should you have problems down the road, you will usually end up with an incision on your breast so you're not avoiding scars on the breast. 

You mention a lift is potentially in your future... and an areola incision which could be used at this point to place your implants.  And if you are thin and concerned about rippling, gel implants under the muscle would be suggested if you were seeing me.

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Incision of little importance in breast augmentation.

Patients agonize over incisions. After scar remodeling almost all breast augmentation incisions are very negligible. Choose the incision that your surgeon feels most comfortable with.

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I Would Really Appreciate More Opinions on my Options for Tuba or Axillary Breast Augmentation Please?

Dear Natalie,

There are a lot of questions here but no photos to be able to base any answers off of.  I suggest reposting with photos.  This depends on the degree of ptosis, skin quality and tightness, areola shape and positioning, etc.  Standard photos should have arms relaxed by your side with front and profile views with camera at breast level.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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