How Much More Will my Butt Shrink After Brazilian Buttlift?

im 1 week post op and my but seems to be shrinking, when is it safe to say that my butt will stop strinking? 1month 3months? Also the dr was only able to inject 1100cc if i were to get another bbl would i be able to get another 1000cc? as my bottom as always been quite firm?

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Butt shrinking after BBL....

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Its not uncommon for the butt to shrink during the first month. Some of this is due to swelling that is coming down...and some of this is due to fat loss (about 30% of the fat does not "make it") With that said, you may be a candidate for further fat transfer in the future if you have enough remaining fat. I would wait at least 6 months before the next go around.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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