I Seem to Have More Lines Appearing 6 Days Post Fraser Laser. Is There Something I Can Do to Minimize These?

I have lines around my eyes and cheeks that are more visible now that the swelling is going down.

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Fraxel Laser Treatment Reaction

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Thank you for your question. It's normal to look worse after a Fraxel treatment before it gets better. I would recommend applying some moisturizing cream and daily SPF 30 with zinc. I hope this helps.

Minimizing Laser line

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It's still too soon to tell but the lines that you are seeing now are actually due to some inflammation that is still left post-laser procedure. The best thing to do is to hydrate your skin with some aquaphor and keep it out of the sun while it is still healing.

Lisa Airan, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Temporary lines around the eyes after fraxel laser resurfacing

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Edema or swelling, once receding after fraxel, or any laser resurfacing, can create dry skin that shows fine lines. This normally improves with good hydration, but I often recommend to my Fraxel patients that they start a regimen of SkinMedica Essential serum to their face and cover that with SkinMedica Ceramide cream. Both are normally very well tolerated by the skin near the eyelids but one should always test a small patch of skin with any new product before using it liberally. You should check though, with your doctor who did the fraxel laser, about their recommendations regarding your individual case.

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Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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