What is More Likely to Get Infected Medpor or Silicone?

what has a high infection rate? is silicone more safe in terms of cheek and jaw implants?

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Medpor or silicone infection for nose

I think that medpor has a higher rate of infection probably because of the texture of the implant may make it more prone.

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What is More Likely to Get Infected Medpor or Silicone?

Medpor, in my experience, is much more likely to become infected. This is especially the case with regard to nasal implants. Silastic cheek and chin implants are very well tolerated with a low risk of infection. Further, if you were to have concerns about the shape or position of the implants and it needed to be removed or repositioned, this is straight-forward with Silastic. Medpor implants tend to be a challenge to remove or reposition due to tissue ingrowth into the material. I hope this information is helpful.

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