Are More High Profile Co-gel Used for Reconconstruction and Moderate + for Augments?

I am just beginning expanding after my bi-lat skin sparing mastectomy.My PS noted I would have to decide in shape and size of final. In reading all the answers on here, it appears many prefers not to use the high profile for augmentations due to the upper pole fullness if the patient wants a more natural look, but many uses the high profile when there is no breast tissue for the natural look. Is it best just to show my PS pictures of what I desire, or is there a rule of thumb? Thanks TK in Ga

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Ideal Device For Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer

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In general, when it comes to replacing a breast tissue expander for a more long term implant after a mastectomy, the one thing that is usually needed more than anything is projection forward.  The breast tissue expanders do a great job of reshaping the breasts after a mastectomy and getting the tissues into the desired size and shape.  The problem with the second stage implants is that they do not match the expanders in projection.  This is why most women need the high profile implants ( allergan style 20 or 45 or Mentor HP).  Without the projection they provide, the reconstructed breast can appear flatter than most women desire.  The opposite is true for a breast augmentation patient.  In them, the HP implants can appear too round since even a little of your own breast tissue will add to the dimensions of the breast itself.  The best thing to do is bring in some pictures to your surgeon to show he/she your ideal goal.  It may or may not be realistic or possible given your anatomy, but it lets your surgeon know where you are trying to get to.

Appearance of high profile cohesive gel implants

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High profile implants and moderate profile breast implants can be used for either augmentation or reconstruction.

The implant choice depends on the desired size of the breast mound compared to the base diameter of the breast.

High profile breast implants have more projection but maintain a narrow base diameter.

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Choosing the details of your breast implants is best left to the Professional you choose

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Hi there-

Part of the reason you are clearly anxious about these implant decisions is because you (correctly) feel ill-equipped to make them. You know in your heart that, while you know what you want to look like when its all over, that you are not a breast implant expert and are nervous about making decisions regarding implants that will impact your appearance.

My opinion is that success and happiness are maximized when patients spend their time and energy communicating their goals for appearance to me, and allow me to choose the implant that most closely achieves that goal. 

As long as you are open, realistic, and honest with your surgeon about your goals, breast augmentation has an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction.

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